Visions and Miracles

Saturday, May 4th, 2019 at 7:30 pm

Stetson Chapel, Kalamazoo College

In collaboration with the Bach Festival Chamber Singers, the Arcato Chamber Ensemble presents one of the anchor concerts of the 2019 Bach Festival week.   

The first half of the program, led by Arcato music director Andrew Koehler, opens with Ralph Vaughan Williams's stunningly beautiful Five Variants on Dives and Lazarus, a reworking of an English folk song associated with the Biblical tale of rich and poor.  This is followed by one of the purest visions of love in the repertoire: the Adagietto of the Symphony No. 5 by Gustav Mahler, written as a  gift for his wife Alma.  The first half concludes with music by contemporary composer Christopher Theofanidis, whose captivating, accessible work Visions and Miracles is by turns mystical and propulsively  energetic.


The second half of the program, led by Bach Festival music director Christopher Ludwa, features Ola Gjello's Unicornis Captivatur, a setting for a cappella choir about the mythical creature, and then closes with the Arcato and the Bach Festival Chamber Singers uniting for Vivaldi's brilliant and celebratory Gloria in D. 

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